Ministry – Houses of the Molé (2004)

USA – June 2004 – Sanctuary, BMGMinistry - Houses of the Mole

01. No W – 03:22 – !!!!
02. Waiting – 05:02 – !!!!
03. Worthless – 04:09
04. Wrong – 04:54 – M
05. Warp City – 04:01 – !!!!
06. WTV – 04:25
07. World – M – 05:13 – !!!!
08. WKYJ – 05:14
09. Worm – 09:11 – M
10. Psalm 23 – 04:41[change for dj’s after intro on 01:32] – !!!! 
11. Walrus – 02:43

Al Jourgensen was clever enough and strong-minded not to indulge in a safe career covered behind the music industry. “ΚΕΦΑΛΗ ΞΘ” back in 1992 had already worried the establishment, as the later releases did. At the mid the 90s he was already a “public enemy” for both political and music corporate world.
Almost a decade after their first heyday Ministry returned with “Houses of the Mole”. The first bloodline of the intransigent “George W. Bush trilogy”, with Ministry leading the extreme sound to new uncharted grounds, an unprecedented havoc which lies between industrial and thrash metal and has never heard before in such extremity. “Rio Grande Blood” and “Last Sucker” will follow to comprise a second-to-none lp trilogy, a desperate call against the New World Order of neoliberalism and the politics who lead this world thanks to the apolitical hordes which capitalism has created.
Ladies n’ gentlemen the decadence of what we are and where we live, is completely described inside this monstrous trilogy. Houses of the Molé is just the first blood…

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