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The man from Cork…(1971-1990)


Rory Gallagher homage foto2SRory Gallagher introtubborn, talented, a self-taught virtuoso, an amazing composer and extraordinary guitar-player, heavy drinker, hard-nosed, deeply influential over a span of over four decades for thousands professional and amateur musicians, influenced by any sound could reach his ears and his mind…
Ladies and gentlemen, the unique boy from Cork, Ireland, Mr. Rory Gallagher!
Follow him! (more…)

Black Sabbath – The Acrobat Years (1970-78)

Sabbath-The Acrobat Years
As every genre has its pioneers, so metal does with Black Sabbath. Credited as “fathers” of heavy metal, Sabbath are still one of the main inspirations for thousand bands and dozens of styles and genres, from classic heavy metal to stoner and psych rock.
The band’s first period with Ozzy Osbourne on vocals was their most successful and the most inspirational one…. Based on these masterpieces, from 1970′ debut “Black Sabbath” album until 1975′ “Sabotage”, whole sub-genres of rock and metal were discovered and evolved (e.g. doom and stoner). (more…)

Giannis Markopoulos – The Giant (1969-87)

Giannis Markopoulos - the giant.jpg

This is a selection of the best songs of the intransigent and innovative Cretan musician Giannis Markopoulos. (more…)